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The hand that give is One that receives

"Fostering Empathy and Connection: Where Generosity Flows Freely. Experience the Joy of Giving and Receiving, Creating a World Where Every Hand Extends Help and Receives Hope."

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Forging Greatness: Embracing Challenges, Building Character, and Defying Limits"

The path to greatness isn't paved; it's rugged, with obstacles that refine character. Through challenges, ordinary men become great, sculpted by resilience and determination.

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From Trials to Triumph: Cultivating Greatness Through Life's Challenges

Greatness isn't innate; it's cultivated through life's struggles. Trials are the raw materials, and perseverance shapes them into remarkable achievements.

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It is heartwarming to see that people committed to wellbeing of others

can leave a legacy and touch so many people’s lives.

Our mission

At Bethesda Child Care Center, we offer a loving home, education, and holistic support to orphaned, abandoned, and needy children, nurturing them for a hopeful and bright future.


The Vision of Bethesda Child Care Center is to provide Holistic, Compassionate and Sustainable care That improves Quality of Life

Future plans

Our aim at Bethesda Child Care Center is to create a self-sustaining community with essential facilities like homes, schools, hospitals, and more, fostering success for everyone.

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At Bethesda Child Care Center, children with diverse backgrounds find happiness in their improved lives and opportunities, embracing a brighter future at our orphanage.